A Master of Edutainment

I am available for public speaking engagements and performances. Please use the Contact page to send me a request if you are interested and I will respond quickly.

Style of Presentation/Performance:

  • Every talk is designed to help the audience understand abstract and difficult concepts. 

  • Talks can be as practical as business and marketing concepts, as stimulating as sociology and economics, or just fun stuff like "Why Be A Super Villain"

  • Every talk is VERY funny (if I do say so myself)

  • I don't just accept requests, I LOVE them. If you have none, I will just select from one of my presentations based on the context of the event.

  • My presentations work best in conferences, seminars, or other more "engaging" events, they are always high-energy and inspire discussion.

  • My default content is runs upward of PG-13 to R-rated, but I always "adjust" my content for the audience.

Example Topics:

  • The Art of Saying More with Less (Visual Communication)

  • What's Your Superpower? (Effective Messaging)

  • World Domination 101 (Basics of Business Strategy)

  • Herding Cats in a Thunderstorm (Drama-Free Team Management)

  • I Come From the Future! (More Entertainment-Focused Look Where Trends Are Going, And What It Means for YOUR Business)

  • It Smells Funny In Here... (How to Have a Creative Work Environment AND Be Super Productive)

Chris "The Brain" to presented at the Northern Indy Science Café that I host. While Chris is a professional marketer to businesses, he is also passionate about sciences. So, when he opened up the topic of how studying artificial intelligence has taught us about our own minds, we were blown away. His delivery, which was fun, entertaining, and enlightening. It was a perfect blend of business, marketing, and science. 

Chris didn't stop there, though. He took it a few steps further with his marketing expertise in the after show to write up a summary of events to share with the attendees and those that couldn't make it. 

I'd highly recommend Chris to anyone that needs a great presentation.

- Grace Conyers, Owner of Insanitek