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Chris "The Brain"

Greetings and Welcome!

For some reason you decided to visit my homepage. Perhaps you encountered some of my content on various social media platforms. Perhaps you are here out of sheer morbid curiosity. Perhaps you meant to search for "Chris Brian" and now have no idea where you are. In any case, welcome and let me tell you about myself.

I am a salty marketing strategist, semantics aficionado, abecedarian anthropologist, passionate epicurean, aspiring physicist, armchair philosopher, and cunning linguist. My superpower is reductivism and my mission is help make big harry ideas and concepts accessible to everyone. I want to set free and democratize the conversations kept "gated up" in institutions and intellectual elitism. I think most people are smarter than they know, especially the smart ones. After all, smart is a lifestyle, not an inherent condition.

My YouTube channel is still young but it is my main focus right now.

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Words MADDER - A Look at Words, and How We Abuse Them

After decades in marketing, I developed a deep understanding at how language influences our thinking. The words we use or, more accurately, the words used on us, influence and manipulate the way we process and approach ideas. In this series, I break down words that are abused or misused to create confusion, control, or mislead others. Understand what words really mean to us consciously and unconsciously can give us back control over our minds and our conversations.

The format for this series is a short (10 min or less) look at a single word or term. If you have a word or term you think I should cover, please let me know on my contact page or connect with me on social media. When you submit a word, let me know why it's important to you and how you think it affects your life or others.

A Unifying Theory of Dimensional Relativity

Many scientists have postulated that we need more dimensions to explain our observations in physics. The problem has been "Where are they?" This is my proposal of a different way of thinking about dimensions so we can perceive them, measure them, and incorporate them into our understanding of physics. This series is currently ongoing. 

Many have asked, "Why is a marketing guy doing physics?" Well, first, I am not just a "marketing guy," that was just the most convenient day job to provide for my family. However, I have come to realize that math is a language and has the same conceptual, communication, and semantic problems of any language. I am applying my trade, as well as real-world physics and math, to propose a fresh perspective on some ideas the science community seems stuck on.

Marketing and Economics

In my 20+ years of marketing experience, I have worked with or in over 100 different organizations spanning almost every industry, from bio-tech, to manufacturing, to candy. This means I have had more opportunities to fail and learn from my mistakes than most marketers you will meet. I have learned what works, what doesn't, and just how much of the marketing industry is built on hype, fads, and outright fraud. 

I make content around the real underlying psychology and economics of marketing and business. 


How the Law of Conservation of Complexity Inhibits Business Growth

Dealing with complexity is one of the greatest barriers to business growth, but many business owners still hope to violate the laws of nature.

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Deadline Abuse: The Project Management Horror Story

A “deadline” was always supposed to be rarely used tool for prioritization. Our overuse of the term has made it useless, if not harmful. 

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What Marketing Can and Can’t Do

Often, the reason people hate their marketing is because of bad expectations. 

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