Growing a High-Tech B2B Company
in a Low-Tech Market

DATTUS provides the most advanced IoT (Internet-of-Things) platform to Industrial market. Their technology allows OEMs and manufacturing companies to collect real-time machine performance and operational data and integrate it with their business processes. The problem with being ahead-of-the-curve, is that your market may be behind-the-curve. This was the challenge DATTUS needed to overcome. I helped them hone their messaging to relate to their audience and speed up the sales process.  My team executes all of DATTUS' current marketing efforts.

"Chris, and his team, have been essential is helping us grow a healthy sales funnel and developing our message to a point that quickly communicates our value to potential customers."
- Anurag Garg, CEO at DATTUS

The Failure Institute

Growing an Effective Business Community

Harry approached me to help him organize and market The Failure Institute, which is an organization that helps entrepreneurs and professionals understand how to navigate through failure. This both a personal passion of Harry's as well as a way to grow the business community and exposure for his own consultancy, Howe Leadership, which helps small businesses deal with the growing pains of success so they can maintain momentum. 

"I have had the privilege of knowing Chris for his entire professional career. Chis is the epitome of my motto: 'why be normal'. He is a deep and quick thinker and artist of thoughts, words, and images. He connects the dots quickly and arrives at practical conclusions for his clients. Those who engage Chris do not get cookie-cutter answers -- they get an answer they would not have arrived at themselves or obtained from anyone else. Each of Chris' engagements is a five-star experience."
- Harry Howe, CEO of Howe Leadership and Mentor-in-Chief of the Failure Institute

The Children's Museum

Helping Tomorrow's Leaders Find Their Voice

I was asked to help the Museum Apprentice Program put on a TED talks like program called "REX Talks." The goal was to help their young members identify and construct presentations that they were passionate about and was relevant to the community. Before I joined the program, the idea was to get local adults to speak, but I talked them into having the young apprentices do the talks themselves. If you have some time, the results were amazing! Click here to view the videos.


The Art of the Pivot

Perscio is a company that provides data analytics services to the healthcare industry. They started with a passion for Big Data and predictive analytics but quickly learned that the B2B market was still WAY behind the curve on data. To roll with the punches, Perscio re-focused on healthcare because the industry was more motivated to use data as a way to reduce costs and forecast potential opportunities. My team and I have helped Perscio rework and experiment with their messaging, while using marketing data to test and refine, so they can pivot quickly and take advantage of new sales opportunities. 

Chris the Brain is equal parts creative genius and technology guru. I've had the pleasure of watching both sides of Chris' brain work in harmony to create amazing processes and content. I'm continually impressed with the quality of work Chris produces - he gets results!!! - Cathy Stein, Consultant at Perscio

Purple Ink

The Power of Tribal Marketing


JoDee Curtis, Owner of Purple Ink, is a joy to work with. She is a passionate entrepreneur and has an engaging personality. Other "marketers" too often recommended that she keep her own beliefs and ideas out of her company brand, but I encouraged her to double down. Her focus on putting the "human" back into HR has attracted like-minded companies like an industrial magnet. Speaking of "joy," my team worked with JoDee to produce and publish the book "JoyPowered: Intentionally Creating an Inspired Workplace." Now we are producing a podcast for 2017! 

Chris is incredibly creative, responsible, timely, and a pleasure to have on our team.  He went above and beyond in assisting me in writing my first book; he did all the research on printers, helped me with the structure and formatting of the book, oversaw the graphics, helped me stay on my timeline, and continues to be a great inspiration. - JoDee Curtis, Owner of Purple Ink

Elevate Teachers

Starting a Movement

Richard Garrett is a retired professor from the IU Kelly School of Business, and a former manager at Eli Lilly. He has always had a passion for education, but became motivated to act when watching his own son teach in the public education system. Elevate Teachers was founded to raise awareness of the importance of teachers in our society, and fight against the blame which is unjustly directed at them instead of the larger issues with our education system. Richard engaged me to form the messaging, brand, and strategy for Elevate Teachers. My team still executes all their marketing efforts. 

In my first encounter with Chris I did not know that his moniker was Chris “The Brain”.  Near the end of this very successful meeting I made the comment, “I really like the way your brain works!”  He and the gentleman who arranged our introduction began to laugh as Chris handed out his card introducing himself as Chris “The Brain”.  My immediate thought was “what a burden to place on yourself”.  I have a PhD in applied math and I would never set expectation levels this way.  There are a lot of really smart people in this world.

As we negotiated fees to get started with our project, he was very reasonable and a seemingly perfect source for marketing help for low budget nonprofits.  So, is the old adage, “You get what you pay for” going to fall away?  Without any reservations it has.  At every turn he leads us in a very helpful and intelligent manner.  He has bright and experience tested ways of doing things and he is easy to work with.  He thinks out what he proposes and defends he approach but with a style that is easy to take and flexible.  We are delighted with our working relationship and look forward to more great ideas. - Richard W. Garrett PhD, Founder of Elevate Teachers

Trinity Free Clinic

Bringing Professional Marketing Strategy to a Non-Profit Organization

Trinity Free Clinic went under a change of leadership, and the new leadership was frustrated with how outdated the marketing efforts were. Other marketing firms wanted to change the core identify of the clinic and focus on branding, but I recommended they use their existing support-base to build from. In a few months, Trinity Free Clinic has a complete marketing machine in place to manage emails, take website donations, and organize the local community. 

Chris Hoyt developed the marketing strategy for our organization, the Trinity Free Clinic. Before Chris came on board, we had a very poor webpage, and an antiquated donor management system. Chris created a beautiful new website which suited our needs perfectly, along with a very practical and easy to use donation page. In addition, he researched and found the best Donor Management software to suit our needs. Chris also launched our social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter, and as a result increased the number of followers drastically in a short period of time. He truly established the foundation we needed to make ourselves known in the community, both to our patients and donors.
- Dina Ferchmin, Executive Director, Trinity Free Clinic