Episode 5: A Podcast About Podcasts (Feat. Xzibit)

In episode 5 of “Post-Modern Living with Chris The Brain,” Chris and Kait talk about podcasts with guest host Paul. They discuss why podcasts are great, the shows they love, and where you should listen.

Podcasts are becoming very personal for people; in the last 2 years or so, it went from people thinking you made up a word to people having favorite podcast production companies. They started as a subversive media where you could easily talk about anything, and are a great way to hear about people having experiences like yours, and get perspectives you wouldn’t usually hear in the news. They’re also perfect for workaholics and being productive, because you can listen while you’re doing other things.

The hosts discuss some of the best ways to find podcasts, including referrals from other podcasts, favorite podcast networks like Radiotopia or Gimlet Media, hearing people talking about a show, and searching for what you’re interested in. Chances are, if you want to hear more about something, someone is podcasting about it. Businesses are starting to get on board with podcasting, too, and most of the results of that suck. Constantly promoting and talking about your business on a podcast is exhausting, and if your business is podcasting just because you’ve heard podcasts are a thing, you shouldn’t be doing it.

If you’re intimidated by all this information, Chris and guest host Paul suggest some of their favorites to get you started.

The Podcasts Chris Thinks Everyone Should Start With:

  • Up First - a short news podcast by NPR that gives you all the major news for the day in 15 minutes
  • TED Radio Hour - a staple; you owe it to society/yourself/the world to expose yourself to new ideas
  • Ask Me Another - a podcast that will help you enjoy listening to podcasts; it’s just fun
  • The Moth - a podcast that shows the power of podcasting
  • The Intelligence Squared Debates - Chris’s guilty pleasure podcast; where two intelligent people have a civil formal debate on a controversial subject

The Podcasts Paul Thinks Everyone Should Start With:

  • Reply All - a show about the internet
  • The Way I Heard It - Mike Rowe’s 5-minute Paul-Harvey-style “now you know the rest of the story” podcast
  • Hardcore History - Dan Carlin’s podcast, where he goes in depth on a historical situation for 5 hours and you’re hooked the entire time

The episode winds down with a discussion of where you should listen to podcasts. If you’re tired of iTunes and Google Play not having the features you want when listening to podcasts, try one of Chris and Paul’s favorite players.

Chris’s Favorite Podcast Players:

  • Pocket Casts, which allows you to sync your library and play history across all of your devices and automatically add episodes to your up next playlist, and has an easy to use interface
  • NPR One, which is great if you don’t want to research what to listen to; it’s free and learns what you like when you rate shows

Paul’s Favorite Podcast Player:

  • Overcast, which is very similar to Pocket Casts but it’s free


Every Podcast Mentioned in this Episode:

Shout Outs To:

  • Apprenace, a company creating meaningful internship programs that help businesses and careers grow.
  • DK New Media, a digital marketing company who lets us use their podcast studio
  • 91.9 WITT, a radio station guest host Paul joined and volunteered with
  • Radiotopia, one of guest host Paul’s favorite podcast production networks
  • NPR Podcasts, which have the largest audience and earn more than $10 million in podcast revenue
  • Crooked Media podcasts, podcasts that are like therapy if you find everything going on in the world right now depressing
  • Gimlet Media, another favorite podcast network of guest host Paul
  • Purple Ink, the HR company owned by one of the hosts of JoyPowered  
  • Gallup StrengthsFinder, an assessment that tells you 5 things you’re really good at
  • Stitcher, a popular podcast player
  • DoggCatcher, a podcast player Chris used, which had a lot of features he wanted but wasn’t fun to use