Episode 1: Anatomy of a Hater

In the first episode of “Post-Modern Living with Chris The Brain,” Chris and his co-host, Kait, talk about the social debt young professionals start out life with, why older generations hate on Millennials, and why Millennials hate on each other. To cool down, Chris gives the down-low on where to get the best backpacks for daily tech life.

Millennials are often seen as the most open-minded generation but tend to be mean to each other. They also get criticism from older generations, many of whom think that because they suffered when they were young, young people today should have to suffer, too. Older relatives and friends often don’t understand or support Millennials’ entrepreneurial passions and use of co-working spaces. On top of all that, this generation’s being blamed for “killing” industries right and left.

Traditional work environments often teach interns and young professionals outdated bad habits and require them to compete in a “corporate survivor” contest. Young people leave organizations where they’re expected to do what they’re told and not bring their own thoughts and ideas to the table. All this plus the incorrect assumption that leaders are extroverted, loud, and ego-driven causes many Millennials to seek alternative career paths. The downside is that they often have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, and that means they’re unlikely to get benefits from their employer.

Young people would benefit from learning conflict resolution and being upfront with people instead of constantly trying to “keep the peace.” It’s also important that in social media and in life, people have the courage to show people their struggles and failures instead of trying to look like they have perfect lives. The reason we talk so much about success stories and we can think of examples off the top of our heads is because they’re unusual.

On a lighter note, Chris and Kait discuss their favorite backpacks. They hate seeing saggy, beat-up, disorganized backpacks; one of the best things you can do to look professional is to have a nice backpack.

Chris’s suggestions:

Kait’s suggestions for women:

  • Kate Spade – Kait’s current laptop bag
  • Ban.do – Fun backpacks that are less professional but great for students  
  • Coach – Some of the simpler styles

Shout outs to:

  • The Speak Easy, a network of co-working spaces in the Indianapolis area
  • The Failure Institute, an event for sharing failures and what you’ve learned from them
  • DK New Media, a digital marketing company who lets us use their podcast studio
  • Apprenace, a company creating meaningful internship programs that help businesses and careers grow.