What "Work" Will Look Like in 2028

To herald in a new year, it seemed fitting to write a list of predictions for 2014. But that was too easy. Apple will release an “iWatch.” Google+ will start looking real scary to Facebook. And, oh yeah, get ready for the next economic upheaval (Here’s a hint: “Occupy Wall-Street” grows up.) There, now let’s move on to more exciting stuff: How things are going to look in 2028. The economy and workplace is going to be very different and go through rapid change over the next decade and a half.

Change is the “New Normal”

The Industrial Era created the illusion of stability. It is like watching a plant grow, it is so slow it looks like it isn’t moving at all until you view it with a “time-lapse.” Large companies would form a stable place in the economy for 50-100 years as to have an entire generation think of them as “staples of industry.” But today, no one is safe and being a “giant of industry” just doesn’t mean what it used to. Today a company can rise to fame and success and fall to obsolescence in all in a decade. The new economy will be one where constant transition is expected and planned for.

Creativity and problem-solving will become as important as writing skills or organizational skills are today.

To get a high-level job today, you have to have good writing, presentation, and organizational skills. However, in 2028 you will have to show the ability to produce creative ideas on a consistent basis, as well as strong adaptability for problem solving. In the 1950’s, creative people were thought of as “rare,” but today we are learning that creativity is a healthy part of everyone’s development. Creativity and problem-solving go together, people who can self-manage as to produce creative ideas and implement them will be the new “white collar.”

Your blog will be an essential part of your resume, if not replace it

The resume is a lie. It is a fixed-point snapshot of a person’s external events, features, and facts. It tells you little or nothing of person’s potential. In the Industrial Era, the point of a resume was to prove you could do a job which has been done before. In 2028, you will have to prove you can do a job no one has done before. Your ability to create blogs, portfolios, and stories about your experience will be the best way to show people, not only what you have done, but what you can do next.

"Your area of exploration” will replace “Your area of expertise"

People are starting to realize that knowledge isn’t contained in walls, books, or institutions. The real good stuff is just “out there.” We are going to transition to a constant state of exploration and discovery where organizations aren’t formed around what they do now, but there they are leading us. Because of this, what you spend your time and energy exploring, and your own natural insight, is more important than what has already happened.

Seriously, by 2028?

Well, I am not saying this new world will be born by 2028, it will be going into labor. These are already the paradigms being realized by business leaders around the world. We are slowly realizing that our job is not to teach our children facts and information, but to teach them how to learn. We just need one generation of children taught to learn, and they will create a new world.