We've Been Teaching Math Wrong. Turns Out Your Math Teacher Really Was a Sadist.

The Atlantic has a great article, which I recommend you read RIGHT NOW before you continue with my own amended but brilliant commentary, titled “5 Year-Olds Can Learn Calculus." It turns out math can actually be fun and that we might have even enjoyed it if we weren’t drug through torturous amounts of tedious "human calculator" equation drills. However, this is just another example of how our cultural resentment of children keeps us from actually raising them effectively.

Who hasn’t, at some point or another, cried out in pain over our long-division homework? Such cries fell on deaf ears of “do your homework!” and “stop whining.” You see, our society considers children to be undisciplined, lazy, spoiled brats who just need whipped into shape, often literally. This means we never consider the possibility that they might actually have legitimate feedback for us.

More and more, great educators are realizing that learning really IS FUN. Our brains are natural learning machines who adapt and absorb everything available to us. The more we learn to consider a child’s state of well-being a thermostat for development, the better we will get at actually equipping them to be the best of themselves.

In other words, stop thinking about how we can fix our children to fit into our institutions and start thinking about how we can fix our institutions to fit our children!