Mind Hack - How the toilet and technology can change your life.

Humanity is still forming a relationship with technology. Sometimes that relationship is co-dependent, sometimes it is hostile but sometimes it is truly symbiotic. One of the biggest ways to make sure technology and you are good for each other is using your mind’s “up time” to prepare for your mind’s “down time.” When it comes to the call of nature, your mind’s “down time” and your body’s “down time” are often the “same time.”

First, let’s understand the mind’s “up time.” Everyone has a portion of the day, although not always everyday, where their mind is fresh and most capable of making decisions and solving problems. The rest of the day, we are more likely to passively consume information and entertainment. Reports, emails and blog articles are normally addressed in our “up time” while browsing Facebook, watching videos, and making meme photos with cats are more likely to occur during our “down time.”

So what does this have to do with taking a dump? Well, let me tell you. Most of us don’t feel like actively thinking on the toilet, we prefer to consume while we expel. Hence, the old cliche of reading a magazine on the John. So what if I told you these few minutes a day, or more for us Taco Bell fans, can change your life if you take them seriously? In the age of the iPad, tablets and smartphones, it can.

Use your mind’s “up time” to curate information delivery to your brain for during your “down time.” Use programs which aggregate content, such as Pulse.me, feedly.com and Flipboard.com to design and control what your mind consumes. Then when you take your digital content with you to the “reading room” you can still be bettering your life.

I know, I know, many of you reading this already know what “RSS” is and are using one, or another, of the programs I have listed. However, you probably HAVEN’T stopped to think about whether or not you are feeding yourself information that is helpful to you, or simply entertaining. You see, when your mind is not in “up time” it is hard to be discerning or have self-control. You are more likely to just want to follow blogs with naughty photos (you perve).

The key to this lifestyle choice with technology is to take a day and spend your “up time” saying, “who do I want to become?”, “what do I want to learn?”, and “what makes me better at what I do?” Then search for sites and resources which provide information to help you daily feed your mind toward those goals. For example, I have a “Flipboard” folder where I follow all history related blogs so I can be more versed in the details of human events and show off when playing trivia games at parties.

If you haven’t tried yet, explore the tools listed and set aside some time to set them up effectively. Find websites, people, and blogs who talk about what you want to learn or become. Now you won’t be as tempted to spend all day looking at memes and boobs, because you will be feeding yourself automated goodness while you poo.